If you really like your computer, have had it for years and just wish it was a little faster or smoother, there are various hardware upgrades that can extend the life of your trusted computer.

  • Do you find yourself running out of storage space?

  • Is your Media and/or games jumpy, jittery or stuttering?

  • Want to move your desktop but limited by internet cables?

Upon inspecting your computer/laptop Easytech will assess the current performance of the machine and advise on upgrades that will make your pc more efficient.


Upgrades can also be a great way to solve various problems that you may be experiencing and improve your computer at the same time.


Due to our wide range of components held in stock, we can test the effectiveness of the upgrades, avoiding incompatibility and/or cost issues.


Call us now on 01142660091 for more information or bring your computer/laptop to Easytech where one of our experienced technicians can advise you on the best upgrades for you.

Image by Niclas Illg