More about design:

When it comes to designs, it is never as straightforward as you think there is a lot more to the process than what can be seen at first glance.

Creativity and design are tied together but through experience and learning, you can soon realise what works well together and what doesn't.

Here at EasyTech we are proud of our in house designs and we are always searching for improvement and new ways of appealing to a greater audience and targeting different groups of people. This is done by taking ideas from the greater market and tailoring our designs to match and suit our requirements are.

However for the people that we make designs for we know that everyone is different and there are many factors when creating designs or marketing campaigns that there is a lot left to be considered on the whole.

Every individual wants a design or their branding a certain way with a particular style and have their personality shown through it at the same time. There is a lot of thought and care that has to be taken to make sure that when making a design that the person that it is for is getting exactly what they want so there will be a lot of templates and colour schemes given and a lot of time spent before the final product is given back to the customer.

The great thing now about modern design is that there is a lot of templates and stock images and layers that you can use to make images and different styles of text to help you along. But when you have been designing and doing marketing for a while it would be similar to riding a bike as it is learnt and over time you can perfect it and know exactly how everything works to the best of your ability. That being said when it comes to the customer it means for us with the combined years of experience we are well in the know to use what will work best for our customers and ensure that the highest quality and execution of the final product is made.

Do we get asked a lot of questions:

We have found that yes we often get asked a lot about time frames and how long it usually will take us to reach a finished product or final stage of design where our client/customer can have the final draft before publishing and handing over the material and ownership to them.

The process varies from project to project as some can take a day whilst others can take weeks, this is down to not only the complexity of the project but down to communication and if there has to be a lot of changes and maybe indecisiveness, then it can cause problems and delays.

We always suggest to our clients that they have a clear plan and idea of what they want to have before contacting us and we make it clear to them that if they have any uncertainty or want to change halfway through that it will greatly impact the time and scheduling of the project and as a result can cause delays and possible surcharges as the project progresses.

It is common for people to be unsure about what they want and also to have something that they can fall in love with at the end. However, this isn't always the case as a designer sometimes the end product can be not what the customer wants at all and this means that you would have to start from scratch? Well not exactly remembering communication even if the client may not be happy with the result it is still worth noting that there can be changes and amendments made to the final product but at their discretion, whilst at the same time discussing that as for mentioned that there will be additional costs for the added work that may not be stated in the contract with the customer. If you haven't stated this then maybe it is wise to have done so beforehand because the last thing you want after all of your hard work is to find yourself out of pocket after having multiple extensions.

What have we learnt:

This is learnt through experience and designing can be compared to jobs in hospitality or retail where the customer is always right because you are catering to their needs but the customer is only right when it suits them and not you and that is the differentiation that has to be made between the two. Because you as the designer s

till holds the right and the power to put your twist and experience on to any project that you might be doing and using a little bit of your artistic licence only you can make it work as without you the customer would not have nearly gotten as far in the first place.

I would like to discuss this more with the community and would love to hear more stories and peoples feedback, and what other experiences that people have had and how projects have panned out for everyone.

comments and responses are more than welcome always.

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