The day to day

There is a lot that we do here at EasyTech from a day to day basis, we manage websites and do our own designs and graphics, we also do repairs and home call outs we have a very small team here at EasyTech but we are proud of the high level of quality service that we provide as well as our level of professionalism.

EasyTech a short History:

EasyTech has been around for around 12 years and based in Broomhill in Sheffield solely owned by none other than 'Sabir'. Sheffield's own resident wizard technician that can fix anything you give him. With over 10 years of experience he has all the expertise and practice and professionalism to ensure great end return back to clients with their repairs.

To the present:

Since the middle of June this year 2021, Sabir has taken on a new member, although being by himself through the majority of 2020, the new member of his business has managed to help him turn things around for the better and bringing a new lease of life to his business that he has always had passion for.

There have been amazing improvements from re-branding, website overhaul, marketing and communications development, and so much more giving him all the tools and the basis to move forward and the business to be able to now reach more people than before which makes EasyTech more open to everyone.

Plans for the future:

Are there any plans for the future moving forward? A question that has been asked many times but now in the direction which it is heading in with all honesty there are plans, whether or not they will be successful will remain to be seen but we are hopeful and optimistic and will share our projects as we push forward as we strive to gain more support and a community base around us.

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