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Five Basic Tips To Secure Your Mac Computer

Despite the security that gives the base Unix to OS X there are aspects that depend on us. Moreover, to remedy them nothing better than using common sense and taking into account a series of configurable aspects of the system.

  • Activate the system Firewall. From the preferences panel, in the security option, you can activate the firewall that OS X includes. Even so, if you want more control of both incoming and outgoing connections, you can make use of applications like Little Snitch.

  • Use a standard user account. When you start your Mac for the first time, the user account that you create has administrator privileges. Indeed this is not necessary for your day today. You can leave it in the background and make use of a second standard account. When you need administrator permissions the system will ask for them, then you enter username and password and you’re done. Meanwhile, you will be more secure against possible attacks.

  • Disable Java. Apple already did, he eliminated all Java compatible with OS X browsers. After problems that seem to be solved but they do not, it is a good idea to do it unless you need it constantly. To do so, from the preferences of the browser look for security, tools or plugins (depending on Safari, Firefox or Chrome) to disable the Java module.

  • Disable Open, secure files. Safari allows you to set an option by which you open the files that you consider safe. These are the movies, images, sounds, text documents and PDF as well as compressed files.

  • Activate the option to install only applications from the Mac App Store. A novelty included in Mountain Lion. We are not installing applications every day. So better be calm that no application can be installed if we have that option. Only those in the App Store can do it. Then, if we need to install another one obtained externally, we can change that option temporarily.
    As you can see, simple practices that many of you already do or that you know but never carried out. Still, it is not too bad to see them again because there will undoubtedly be new users on the platform and for them all help is little.

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