When you decide to work with us, you get so much more than your average repair shop. Everything we do at Easytech Repairs is geared towards providing our customers with a unique and more than satisfactory repair experience.

From 90 Day Guarantee to Accurate and Honest, we provide extra features for our customers to show them how much we care.

Professional Approach


For Your Convenience

Here at Easytech Repairs, we do not claim to be so called "Geeks" but instead, we consider ourselves to be professionals. We are not here to just sell you on a new computer and unnecessary services, but rather to assess each case and give suggestions based on the necessity, age and condition of each computer that comes through our doors. Armed with years of experience and the latest equipment and technology, we do all of our diagnosing and repairs in-house which allows us to get your computer back into your hands as soon as possible.

Personalized Attention


You’re Our Priority

Acknowledging that we are living in a day and age where technology is moving at such a rapid rate and computers can become obsolete very quickly, we are here to assess and accurately diagnose each computer at no cost to you, giving you the opportunity to consider a repair on your current system versus making the purchase for a new system.  Our job is to give you an honest opinion and a quality repair.

On Time or Your Money Back


What We Do For Our Customers

Driven by quality, we’ve been at it long enough to know how important it is to provide top notch work and real customer service. We’re there for customers whenever they need us. When you require help or guidance on which type of repair you need, trust the real pros. All of our repair services are backed by our standard 90 day labor warranty. Come by our Computer Repair Service today.

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